Saturday, 26 November 2016

1st Monthly Competition 2016_2017

Here are the results of our 1st Monthly competition of the season.  Congratulations to all who entered and thank you to Angus Campbell from Greenock Camera Club for judging.

Prints Section - 'Open'

1.    ‘Effort’                Bill Clark       
2.    ‘Loch Lomond’            Matt Erskine         
3.    ‘Storm Clouds Gathering’    Robert McKenzie         
4.    ‘Robin’                Gregor Roach        
5.    ‘Twin-shock Rider’        Bill Clark         
6.    ‘Southern Ocean’        Bill Clark       
7.    ‘Loch Katrine’            Matt Erskine         
8.    ‘Grass Track’            Matt Erskine   

Digital Section - 'Reflections'

1.    ‘Escalation’        Bill Clark
2.    ‘Ripple Effect’        Bill Clark
3.    ‘Busy Bridge’        Martin McGeehan
4.    ‘Enlightenment’    John McCue
5.    ‘Jamaica Bridge’    Robert McKenzie
6.    ‘Windows6’        Bill Clark
7.    ‘Inverary Bridge’    John McCue
8.    ‘Hotel Cameraman’    Chris Pilling


Ripple Effect
Busy Bridge

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