Saturday, 6 February 2016

3rd Monthly Competition 2015_2016

Our third monthly print competition was 'It's all in the light' and congratulations go to the following members who placed;

1st Matt Erskine - Street Light

2nd Alastair McKenzie - When the Boats Come In
3rd Martin McGeehan - Silver Dawn
4th  Bill Clark - Watchers on the Shore
5th  Martin McGeehan - Escape from New York

On the same evening, our digital competition was 'Illustrate a book/film/song title'.  Lots of work went into these images!

1st Raymond McElroy - A Clockwork Orange

2nd Tommy Rodger - Paint it Black

3rd Martin McGeehan - She's in Love with You

4th Bill Barry - The Gathering Storm
5th Tommy Rodger - The Hunger Games