Saturday, 29 March 2014

Annual Print Competition 2013_2014

Here are the results for our Annual Print Competition along with a selection of some of the winning and placed images.  Well done to all who entered.

Overall Print Winner

Winter - Matt Erskine

Portrait Section

1st - Michael - Albert Burrows

2nd - Cubbie - Ann-Marie Westwood

Monochrome Section

1st - Black Rock Cottage - John Carey

2nd - Shore Line - Bill Clark

Colour Section

1st - Winter - Matt Erskine ( see above)
2nd - Village Life - Bill Clark

Head on over to our Facebook page to view more of the images from the competition.

Sunday, 9 March 2014


We recently ran a Facebook informal competition to find the new Facebook cover image.  Here are the top 2 images for 'likes';

 The above image received the most 'likes' - Raindrops by Raymond McElroy

This was a close second - Spring Awakening - John McCue

Thanks to everyone who submitted images and to those of you that took the time to 'like' them.