Sunday, 25 April 2010

Competition Titles 2010-2011

Since the season is over for another year here is the proposed competition subjects for next season
1. A touch of red                                   
2. Portraits (formal or informal)
3. Illustrate a book or film title
4. The natural world
1. Silhouettes or shadows
2. Photojournalism
3. Open (any topic you want)
4. Sport or action

This usually involves photos taken this summer and is presented early in next seasons syllabus
Up to 3 sets of 4 images (digital or prints - but not mixed) and choosing 4 different topics from below for each set.
1. A day out
2. Animals
3. Close ups
4. Humour
5. Monochrome
6. Patterns

Monday, 12 April 2010

The Herald and VII The Magazine

The Herald which has always supported good photograpy has now teamed up with VII The Magazine to show us photos from around the world from international photographers.

Go to the following link for international, readers, and old archive pictures

Friday, 2 April 2010

Retro Look Cameras

There seems to be a revival of 1960s style cameras such as this Olympus

Most come with a modern twist of varying quality appear to be trying to appeal to our old memories.

Check out some of the cameras at the following site to see if nostalgia really is as good as it used to be