Monday, 8 May 2017

Annual Prizegiving 2016_2017

Congratulations to those members who received silverware at our recent prize-giving night.

The trophies were awarded as follows;

Print League - Bill Clark
Digital Image League - Ronnie McFadyen

Annual Print
Best Monochrome Image - Chris Pilling
Best Colour Image - Matt Erskine
Best Portrait - Chris Pilling
Overall Best Print - Chris Pilling

Annual Digital
Landscape Section - Ann-Marie Westwood
Nature Section - Robert McKenzie
Open Section - Ronnie McFadyen
Overall Best Digital image - Robert McKenzie
Most Creative/Innovative image - Robert McKenzie

Thanks to Ronnie McFadyen and Bill Barry for the following images;

(below) Ronnie McFadyen receives one of his trophies from current President Bob Dougans.

(below) Chris Pilling receives one of his trophies from Bob Dougans.

(below) Robert McKenzie receives one of his trophies from Bob Dougans.

(below) Ann-Marie Westwood receives her trophy from Bob Dougans.