Saturday, 18 March 2017

Annual Digital Competition 2016_2017

Last night was our Annual Digital Competition. Congratulations to our members who were commended, highly commended and won as follows;

Open Section

Evening Paddlers - Martin McGeehan
Fast Footwork - Martin McGeehan
Roses are Red – Robert McKenzie
Soulful – Ronnie McFadyen
Splash Zone – Bill Clark
Autumn Piles – Ann-Marie Westwood
Highly Commended
Intersecting Lines – Bill Barry
Cathedral Kaleidoscope – Martin McGeehan
Storm Imminent – Bill Barry
We are Sailing – Ann Sloane

3rd – Markerel Sky and Tiny Plane – Ann Sloane
2nd- Sonnie Bean Flyboarding – Ann Sloane
1st – Power – Ronnie McFadyen


Sunrise on Isle of Palms – Robert McKenzie
Fresh Snow – Ann-Marie Westwood
Highly Commended
V Shaped Valley – Bill Clark

3rd – Iconic Scotland – Ronnie McFadyen
2nd – Snowfields and Bens – Ronnie McFadyen
1st – Moonset and Birds – Ann-Marie Westwood

Nature Section

Goldfinch - Bill Barry
Gentoo Penguin - Bill Clark
Mallard Duck Stretching - Ann-Marie Westwood
Robin - Gregor Roach
Highly Commended
Life on the Rock - Ronnie McFadyen
House Fly - Robert McKenzie
Dancing Robin - Gregor Roach

3rd - Gannet in Flight - Bill Barry
2nd - Duckling - Bill Barry
1st - Green Hunter Spider Robert McKenzie – This image was also best overall image and most innovative image.

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