Saturday, 23 August 2008

Competition Guidelines 08/09

Here's an update of the competition entry guidelines for 2008/09. They provide guidelines for Digital Submissions, Competition sections and the awarding of points to reflect the rule changes made at the AGM.

2008/2009 Competitions Update

Digital Competitions
Images are to be resized to 1024 along their longest edge. Make sure the "constrain proportions" box is ticked so the shorter side is resized correctly and the imaged is saved at 72dpi.

Please rename your images using numbers 01-06 followed by your initials. If you have a middle name, use this in your initials. Then add your title at the end.

For Example
and so on.

Please save your images on either memory stick, CD or DVD (preferably memory stick)
If you are having trouble resizing your images either ask for help or leave them at their full size and they will be resized for you.

Competition Sections

This season we are introducing two sections for each competition (apart from the close season assignment which will not be spilt into sections)
On your entry form please state which section you are entering.

The intermediate section is for members who have not been placed in a competition. Prints should be board mounted in the usual manner and be between 40sq inches and A4 in size. No prints large than A4 will be accepted for judging.

The open section is for members who have been previously placed in a competition. Prints should be at least 40sq inches and mounted on board no larger than 20x16 inches.

Decide on which section you wish to enter when you enter your first monthly competition as you CANNOT change once you have entered, so please use a little common sense when choosing which section to enter.

Monday, 18 August 2008

Dates for your Diary...

Boats at Sunset
Originally uploaded by Inverclyde Camera
So its almost that time of year again, the beginning of the new season! And this years syllabus looks fantastic. Many thanks to Gaie for stepping into the role as Club Secretary and giving the club a great many evenings to look forward to. The Opening Night takes place on the 19th of September, details of which will be posted at a later date.

Over the next few weeks, several new pages will be added to the website - dedicated members galleries and a syllabus page among others. Finally just a quick reminder to continue posting the brilliant shots to our flickr page!