Monday, 19 October 2009

Photography Exhibition at Trongate 103 with a free guided tour

The Photograhic Exhibition of John "Hoppy" Hopkins

DATE 11 Sep 2009 - 7 Nov 2009 TIME 11:00 - 17:00
Please note this exhibition will be closed on Mondays and open at 12 noon on Sundays
Venue: Street Level Photoworks, ground floor

Taking Liberties is a photographic record and retrospective of the work of John ‘Hoppy' Hopkins from the period 1960 - 1966. It captures a culture on the cusp of radical change through the emerging counterculture which manifested itself in pop, protest and art. Included are iconic images of The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Dusty Springfield and Marianne Faithful.
A unique series of images capture the historic poetry convention at the Albert Halls in 1965, another of CND marches and anti racist demonstrations illustrating the power of popular protest. Alongside these are images of bikers at the legendary Ace cafe in London and a glimpse of the seediness of everyday life in Notting Hill.
As part of Trongate 103's First Thursday programme, Street Level will offer a free guided tour of the exhibition at 6pm, Thursday 5 November.
For more information, please call 0141 552 2151
Have a look at his sites photography at

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